January 23, 2013

Top-down View.

Here's my bird's-eye view. Please excuse the linty shirt. 
(On an unrelated note, "linty" is an excellent Scrabble word.)

I haven't really talked much about the last 8-or-so months of gestating here on the public version of the internets. I figure your tolerance for anecdotal vomiting and photographic evidence of elephantine ankles is on the normal side....where "normal" means "pretty low." (Though, to be fair--in the interest of honesty for my posterity--to describe my ankles as "elephantine" would be to pay them a compliment. "Elephantine" is what my ankles aspire to these days, and "elephantine" is really a best-case scenario. I'm pretty confident that an elephant would look at my ankles and feel badly for me. Further, I'm entirely sure that a pregnant elephant in month, like, 47 of her pregnancy would look at my ankles and have a sudden self-esteem boost.)

And that might just be the most I've ever written about my ankles ever in my life. Also, elephants.

We're in the home-stretch--with only 3(ish) weeks to go. Baby Boy is going to be chubby (just how we like it) and--like Blake--tall. (That's still remarkable for me to think about, given the vertical challenges of his genetics. I'm just sayin'. Sometimes the gene pool gets a little bonus, I guess.)  Unlike Blake, however, this baby likes to hang out in the lung area, causing me all of those breathing problems I'd always heard about from other people, but didn't have first-hand knowledge of since Blake decided that he wanted to hang out in the feels-like-a-bowling-ball-between-your-legs position. 

(On the other hand, Blake DID score a lot of bonus points by transitioning from inside to outside precisely 30 minutes before his due date. And given my robot-like compulsion for punctuality, it still warms my heart to think of it.)

So things are humming right along here in the department of gestation. We're excited for his arrival, and I'm nesting like a crazy person. Crazy-with-a-capital-C. (I'm nuts. Really and truly. But my house is clean most of the time...which I call a win, considering the glacial pace at which my waddle-y body moves at this point.)

Now I'll just try and take that deep breath that has been eluding me for weeks.


Maxmomma said...

So fun! You look great (sorry about the ankles- does not sound fun). Good luck with the last three weeks and congrats!!!

JosephJ said...

Hard to believe that we are at the 3 week mark, eh? You're doing a good job gestating. Sorry about the swelling and breathing-- soon enough, you'll be able to take a deep breath!

I'm excited!

Linda said...

It is exciting to think you are on the homestretch...keep breathing!
Hope you have some relief of the swelling...

ixoj said...

I hope you'll share all about the birthing process, whatever you decide to do this time around. Good luck and congrats! :)

Sharalea said...

These last weeks feel exhausting--sending deep breathing, restful vibes your way! We are so excited for you & your darling family!!

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