November 15, 2012

Life at the B&B

When I was younger, my grandparents used their [lovely Cape Cod] home as a Bed & Breakfast, entertaining many summertime guests over the course of several years. I've always been intrigued by this--the idea of providing a cozy bed and a warm morning meal to travelers....and getting to know people from all spectra of [mostly American] humanity. 

(Also, I've wondered what it must be like during those summers, when you have to be on your toes and up-to-date with your grocery shopping, your laundry, and your other cleaning chores. I don't know about you, but when we have visitors, my house is always cleaner--and better maintained--than when we don't.)

This week, we had a little taste of that life, though. 


Because of a variety of different scheduled trips, we had people staying with us from Sunday until Thursday of this week. 

(SIDE NOTE: One of the magical things about living in the greater-Boston area is that people...well...actually want or need to come here. Friends and family come through several times a year for a number of different reasons. It seems that most roads lead or pass through Boston! From business trips to job interviews to weddings to your run-of-the-mill sight-seeing trip, we get to be "on the way" for a lot of people. And we love it.)

Our B&B week began with Jake, a dear friend from our freshman year in college whom we have not seen for about 10 years. He was in New England for a wedding and was able to see and do something in each of the six New England states while he was here for only one week. (And he didn't just clip the corners of states, either. He did it for reals.) 

After Jake's departure on Monday morning, my excellent cousin, Melanie, flew in from Utah with her daughter that evening. We were able to share dinner and catch up on lovely things, and put her on a train to Maine the next morning. 

But it was back to the train station on Tuesday afternoon to pick up none other than my own mum, who was coming down from Maine to spend Tuesday-Thursday with the boys and me while Joe headed to Virginia on a business trip.

Lessons learned:
-my house looks great when people are here.
-when people aren't here, I should probably be a lot more proactive in the upkeep part of housekeeping.
-having actual adult conversation between the hours of 9am and 5pm is both delightful and refreshing.
-my. kids. love. guests.
-we are far too unaware of the towel status in our linen closet. 
-when my mother does laundry, she can make my yard smell like fabric softener. As in, outside

Wanna come visit? 


Liz Johnson said...


I have found that I really love having people come stay at my house, now that we have more than a closet in which to live. I sometimes wish I could do the same thing - although I'd also worry about finding dead bodies underneath the bed after people left. Am I the only one who thinks about stuff like that?

Also - as you are well aware, I'm so jealous of your time with Jake. I just love that dude.

ixoj said...

I've felt the same way about having a B&B one day. And yes, we want to visit! Now to just find a weekend...

Linda said...

So wonderful to have family on Cape Cod, and very cool that they could do the B&B! I admire that ability to be company ready all the time.

arrowheadbb said...

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